Jun 10 2009


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Sonny Berry

The Bayshore Supper Club restaurant has been around since the early 20 th century surviving the roaring 20’s, every “World War” and the “Great Depression”. During the prohibition, boat loads of bootlegged whiskey were brought to the shores of Lake Erie behind the Supper Club. During the 40’s and 50’s the restaurant facilitated a marina dock area with concessions stand as well as a bait shop. The charm of this longtime landmark has been keep with very few renovations so the character remains consistent throughout the years.

Sonny Berry purchased the building in 1985, based on his experiences at the former Garden Inn Steak House where he worked for his parents for several years. Wanting to keep the Bayshore a family-style restaurant, he was recommended to the owners to purchase the building and continue the tradition. Even today, the food here is still home made. The soups, sauces, onion rings, Perch and Pickerel are few examples of the trademarked dishes. The waitresses seat you quickly and the old-style bar is made out of an old shuffleboard table that enhances the two very roomy eating areas. From the windows overlooking Lake Erie, one can use a pair of appropriately placed binoculars on the sills to gaze upon the water’s horizon that includes islands, passing vessels and the famed water intake plant.


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